By far the most strategically critical trade and freight shipment location in the Western Hemisphere, the nation of Panama contains numerous transportation infrastructure installments that facilitate massive amounts of trade between the continents just above and below it and between all points east and west across the world’s vast oceans. Most conspicuous among these is […]

Costa Rica

Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. specializes in multi-national transportation tracking systems. We direct cargo to and from Costa Rica, and we have 20 years of experience working with air, ocean, road and rail authorities. Our logistics team coordinates cost-effective air, road and ocean routes that keep all goods intact. At the same time, all […]


Chile is in two ways a very unusual country: it has a long, thin shape that resembles a string of spaghetti, and almost all of its people live in a small central section with the rest of the nation being thinly populated. This situation, along with the numerous fjords, inlets, and islands that cut up […]


The infrastructure in Argentina is similar to that of the United States in terms of roads and air travel. Nonetheless, whether you are sending products out of the country or bringing them in, one of the first things that you will notice is that ocean-going traffic either flows through Buenos Aires in the East, or […]


The Republic of Brazil is the largest and most populous nation in South America, and it ranks fifth in both of those categories worldwide. The nation stretches from the Atlantic to the Andes Mountains and encompasses within its territory the vast Amazonian rainforest. It has many large cities along its eastern coastal plain, such as […]

South America

South America is home to some of the world’s most intriguing emerging markets, and more and more foreign companies are looking to move their goods into and out of the South American Continent. Whether you are looking to send your product to Argentina in order for their labor force to perform the next piece of […]


Finland is one of the world’s most affluent countries, and foreign companies are also extremely interested in the cutting-edge technology that the Finns are known for. If your business currently does work in Finland or you are looking to enter the market, you should turn to the global logistics experts at OTSFF® / OTS® for […]


The Scandinavian nation of Norway is in some ways a world all to itself of which outsiders know but little. Its 1,100 year old running monarchical succession is among the oldest in the world, and Norwegians are as careful to guard their national identity and resources as they are their long-standing traditions. For example, they […]


The Kingdom of Sweden is part of the north European region known as Scandinavia and borders Norway, Finland, and the Baltic Sea. It is also linked to Denmark by a tunnel/bridge. Sweden has 9.7 million people, but the population density is only 54 per square mile. Most of the population is urban (85 percent) and […]


If you have items to ship to or from Scandinavia, consider using our professional freight forwarding service. We offer door-to-door services that include truck, air, ocean, and other modes of transportation. Shipping freight to and from Scandinavia can be a serious undertaking. You may need to use several different carriers in order to get your […]