What information should I give to a Freight Agent of OTSFF® / OTS® for my transportation?

We just need the origin of your city with zip code and the destination city with the zip code, to give you a quoted rate. However, if you give the exact information about the weight and dimensions of the shipment and talk about your pickup time, these will help our Freight Agent in determining the mode of your freight. You should also inform us about the type of packaging and let us know how many pieces are in your shipment. If you do not know what information you have to give us for your shipment, then directly call our freight agents to know the exact information that you will need.

Can I pick up my goods at a certain time to keep my schedule?

We always strive to help you to pick up your goods at your preferred time to meet your schedule. Even, we have a TOS (Terms of Service) for which we arrange a certain day of the week for that pickup. Usually, pickups are done in the afternoon, while product deliveries are done in the mornings to early afternoon. For update time frame and advance schedule of pickup or delivery contact our Freight agents by direct phone call or email.

Do I need to determine the weight of my goods?

You can estimate the weight of your goods for the bill of lading, but do not worry about this case; because our carrier will adjust the weight and will determine your total cost. The final weight is called the “chargeable weight”. For your transportation, if chargeable weight is greater than the gross weight of the shipment, a dock master will judge and reweigh your goods. If reweighed, you have to bare some extra bill for the new actual weight. Each mode of the freight has its individual set of rules. Therefore, it is essential to know the rules before shipping. We have adequate freight agents to answer your questions immediately.

Does my shipment require any extra packaging for freight transport?

Yes! Your goods need extra packing; but it is shipper’s responsibility to pack your goods. Generally, we use corrugated boxing, shrink-wrap, palletizing and banding or strapping type of packaging systems. For additional information, fell free to see our Packaging Guideline page. We help our consignee to determine the best type of packaging for their freight.

How can I get my quote for the goods that I want transport by OTSFF® / OTS®?

Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. (OTSFF® / OTS®) is available 24hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get your quote directly by calling us at (905) 660-8024 or email at operations2@otsff.com. You can also fax your quotes to (905) 660-3776. There are quite a few Freight Agents on call and your quotes will reach at your desired destination at exact time.

Who is the shipper or consignor and who is the consignee?

The shipper (or consignor) is the originator of the transport and a consignee is the person or business who is the recipient of the transport.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us directly at (905) 660-8024 or contact us using our contact form with any question, inquiry, or suggestion.