Asia is the largest of the Earth’s continents, covering 30 percent of its land area, and the most populous as well, containing 60 percent of its people. It sprawls from the polar regions in the north to tropics in the south and from arid wastelands in the west to flood-prone monsoon zones in the east. Its mix of cultures, languages, religions, and ethnic groups make its peoples as diverse as its geography.

Second only to Europe in continental GDP, Asia ranks first when the computation is done with regard to purchasing power. The Asian economic growth rate is the fastest of all six inhabited continents, and China and India have grown at a staggering rate of eight percent annually since the dawn of the new millennium. The biggest economic players in Asia are China, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Four of the five first-ranked cities on the globe in terms of headquartering major commercial enterprises were in Asia in 2011 (Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore), and over two-thirds of international businesses had offices in the single Asian city of Hong Kong. Some of the major industries in Asia include: automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, oil, mining, timber, fishing, and agriculture.

Due to the drought of suitable roads in Asia in times gone by, the Asian Highway Network began constructing massive amounts of highway in 1959 and has not finished since. Over 140,000 km (85,000 mi) of roads have been installed thus far in 32 Asian nations, and linkages to Europe have been achieved. Major Asian rail lines include the Trans-Mongolian, the Trans-Siberian, and the the Baghdad Railway that runs from the Persian Gulf city of Basra through Baghdad all the way to Istanbul. The Trans-Asian Railway project which will run from Istanbul to Singapore (and elsewhere) is nearly complete, mostly lacking linkages in Myanmar (Burma).

The biggest Asian airports are, in order: Beijing Capital International, Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Hong Kong International, Soekarno–Hatta in Jakarta (Indonesia), and Dubai International Airport. The busiest seaports in Asia are: Singapore which has been number one worldwide since 1986, Kaohsiung in south Taiwan which has routes connecting it with 102 nations, and Tokyo in the midst of 40 million nearby residents.

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