England boasts one of the largest and most successful economies in the world, with a per capita GDP of over 22,900 British Pounds ($36,800, 28,800 Euros). The London Stock Exchange, the largest in Europe, helps make London the undisputed financial capital of that continent. In fact, a fifth of the 500 biggest European corporations are headquartered in London.

London’s Port of Tilbury situated in the River Thames is the main center of importing and exporting in England and the U.K., the “Chunnel” connects the southeast tip of England to France and European mainland, and the English Channel is the busiest sea lane in the world. Air transport is facilitated through numerous international and regional airports, including England’s largest and the world’s busiest- London Heathrow.

There are extensive road and rail systems that interconnect the whole of England and intricately link it to Wales and Scotland. For example, the Great North Road (A1) connects London to Newcastle and to the eastern side of the border with Scotland, while the longest road in England (M6) connects to the western side of that border.

England was the first nation to build railroads (beginning 1825), and today there are over 16,000 km (10,000 mi) of rail line in the U.K., the lion’s share of this being in England. They sprawl across the countryside relatively evenly, though many were closed down in the late 20th Century. There are plans, however, to re-open some of the lost lines, such as that between Cambridge and Oxford.

Anyone wishing to ship freight into or out of England, by land, sea, or air, will need to decide upon the most cost-effective routes and methods. They will also have to deal with England’s transportation and customs fees and regulations. There are numerous industries and import-export opportunities involving England, but to maximize profit and minimize risk, one will need some experience with the local scene and with freight shipping in general.

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