It has been 20 years since the IRA and Northern Ireland agreed to a ceasefire in 1994, and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 has brought an end to “the Troubles” and delivered economic dividends as a prize of peace. Of the 30 most populous cities in the U.K., Belfast has grown the fastest economically over the past decade and is in the midst of major re-development programs that promise to propel the city to yet higher peaks of prosperity.

Since the city of Belfast first began to grow into an economic center of north Ireland in the 17th Century, it has always depended primarily on its shipping industry and the natural inlet Belfast Lough that creates for it an excellent port. In 1845, the harbor was dredged to make practical the large-scale and constant traffic of large ships, and to this very day, Belfast is still a city that leans quite heavily on sea transport for its livelihood.

Those wishing to ship freight to or from Belfast will find in it much infrastructure to support the efficient movement of their goods. Belfast International Airport to the west of the city proper is well equipped for handling air freight, the ever-busy Port of Belfast, and the extensive system of excellent roadways allow for no-problems shipping within the metropolitan area. Numerous freighting companies then connect the city to Ireland, Britain, France, Scandinavia, the United States and Canada, and beyond. Many times the trouble in Belfast is picking out the best shipping company when there exists such a huge supply of them to sort through!

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