Holland is technically the name of a region in Netherlands consisting of several provinces, however, it is used often and here to refer to the whole nation of Netherlands. Holland is relatively small geographically, but has dense population (17 million) and a key location in the midst of industrialized Europe that has helped to make it an economic powerhouse. Its largest cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague. Holland is a founding member of the European Union and has been ranked as the 17th freest and 17th biggest economy on the globe.

Since the 1500’s, the Dutch economy has grown in the areas of commerce, fishing, banking, and more to become a world leader. It is among the top ten exporting nations, and its products include: foodstuffs, electronics, heavy machinery, chemicals, and petroleum. One of the largest deposits of natural gas on the planet is found in Holland’s domain- the Groningen Gas Fields. This field has been exploited since the 1970’s and has brought in billions of dollars in revenue.

Holland has 13 seaports, three of which are of substantial size: Amsterdam’s port which is the 5th biggest in Europe, Flushing-Terneuzen which handles some 35 million tons of cargo a year, and the Port of Rotterdam which is the biggest in all of Europe and 8th in the world. Two-thirds of all European river traffic passes through the Port of Rotterdam, much of it on its way up the Rhine to Germany, France, and as far as Switzerland. Rotterdam is the main intake city on the European mainland from Britain, the U.S., and much of the world.

Holland’s cities are well-connected by dense rail and road systems. There are 6,800 km (4,100 mi) of rail and 139,000 km (84,000 mi) of road in the nation, more per unit area than much of the world, including the neighboring nations of Germany and France. Schiphol airport near Amsterdam is the most important international airport in Holland and the 4th busiest in Europe. Popular smaller airports in use include: Eindhoven, Rotterdam, the Hague, Maastricht Aachen, and Groningen Airport. In 2013, Holland’s airports carried 58 million passengers and 1.6 million tons of freight.

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