As Spain’s capital and most populous metro zone, Madrid is the central hub of business and transport for the Iberian Peninsula and the fifth-busiest commercial center on the continent of Europe. It is a city well-equipped will all necessary infrastructure: a comprehensive road system both circles the city and radiates out from it, rail lines connect it with other parts of the nation, and the Madrid-Barajas Airport serves passenger and cargo functions. This is a city fitted to handle busy and voluminous traffic on an ongoing basis.

In recent years, Madrid has experienced significant growth in its GDP and its service and transport sectors of the economy. It is among the richest cities in Europe with about twice the per capita GDP of the rest of Spain and the rest of Europe. This wealth and business activity have attracted a large expatriate population in Madrid and laid the foundation for a flourishing tourist industry as well.

Whether planning on shipping freight to or from Madrid as part of industrial operations, re-locating to Madrid to set up business operations, or other reasons, one will find a large group of competing transport companies jockeying for the job. We have agents in the area who are familiar with the local shippers and with Spanish customs procedures who can greatly assist in selecting the superior shippers, routes, storage facilities, shipping insurance, etc. to deliver your goods intact and on time to their final destination at the lowest possible cost to you.

Madrid transport system is growing yet further. In 2007, the Madrid Transport Minister announced that two new airports will serve the city by 2016, including one that will handle cargo shipments. This comes on the heels of the recent doubling of runways at the present airport from two to four. Madrid is also well-connected to the sea via its excellent roads and rails, Valencia Container Terminal being the nearest seaport serving Madrid (350 km, 210 mi away).

The future of Madrid transport looks bright, and we can help you to fully utilize the logistical advantages of the present Madrid infrastructure and of that to come by arranging all of the necessary details in step-by-step fashion from the beginning to the end of your freight’s journey. Contact us today, and we will get started right away on saving you time, money, and hassle.

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