Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is the center of the country’s financial and economic activity. Johannesburg is also the largest city in the world that is not situated near a body of water. Because Johannesburg has no access to ocean ports, road transportation is vital for the success of the city. As a matter of fact, the city is home to the famous Johannes Ring Road beltway, a super highway that encircles the city in a 50-mile loop. Part of this highway, the R24 Airport Freeway, may be one of the busiest intersections in the Southern hemisphere.

Due to the critical place that Johannesburg holds in the economy of South Africa, it is vital that all imports and shipments arrive on time. That’s where OTSFF® / OTS® comes in.

OTSFF® / OTS® is an independent logistics service provider, specializing in international transportation for trans-ocean container, air and truck transportation. The contractors and customs specialists of OTSFF® / OTS® have over 20 years of international air freight, ocean container freight and truck transportation under their belts.

OTSFF® / OTS® provides the following services to our customers:

What is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is responsible for all the intermediary tasks between transportation services and the client. In other words, a freight forwarder is the logistics operator for the client’s shipments, thereby taking a heavy load off the customer’s shoulders.

Why You Need a Freight Forwarding Service

Freight forwarding services establish working relationships between carriers of all types, including air, ocean, road and rail. Freight forwarding services also help negotiate the most effective cost for the customer, thereby helping to eliminating the risk of overpriced shipping.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Johannesburg to anywhere or, anywhere to Johannesburg.