Hong Kong’s status as a major regional and world leader in the shipping industry is well known- it ranks 9th in the global merchandise trade and has an economy more fully dependent on commerce than almost any other in the world. Part of what has made Hong Kong what it is today has been its freight shipping industry and its incredibly extensive supporting infrastructure. As the number three container port in the world, and first in air cargo in 2013 with a grand total of 300 million tons of freight moved into or out of the city via sea, river, land, or air transport, Hong Kong is an even greater trade giant than what most people realize.

When planning to ship freight into, through, or out of Hong Kong, especially on far-off, long, and complicated routes, it behooves one to investigate all the details of the affair in order to minimize cost and maximize profit. One must consider the safety of the route and the reputation of the shipping company, as well as the multitude of legal forms and customs checks. Warehouse storage, currency exchange rates, language barriers, and a host of other issues crowd in to make mistakes easy to make and optimal logistics hard to attain.

We offer our clients who wish to ship their containers or other cargo to or from Hong Kong the expert assistance of resident agents familiar with the local laws and ways and well-experienced at the task of arranging for the lowest-priced safe and quick means to ship items to their final destination. Hong Kong has substantial trade interactions with the rest of Asia, the United States, and Western Europe, and is served by a vast number of shipping enterprises. We know how to pick out the best shipping partners to fit the needs of each customer and each situation.

Leasing ships, chartering aircraft, renting temporary storage space, loading, unloading, and re-loading goods, passing customs inspections, filling out shipping insurance forms, and doing all else necessary to ensure goods are transported in full compliance with Hong Kong law and without damage or loss, is a complex equation that is easier worked by the experienced. We can assist in this area because we have long been at it, learning all the twists and turns that might surprise the uninitiated. Contact us today and we will be happy to get started on arranging all the details of your shipment and taking all the hassle out of it for you.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Hong Kong to anywhere or, anywhere to Hong Kong.