100 years ago, Shanghai was the Paris of Asia, with the Bund and the Astor Hotel humming with activity as merchants shipped products all over the world.

A lot of history has happened since then, and today the port has continued to grow in importance to world trade while becoming one of the most modern facilities in Asia.

One of the positives for you as a business customer doing business with Shanghai firms is that more than any other region of China, there is an understanding of what needs to take place in order for your business to be transacted successfully.

Because of this, at OTSFF® / OTS®, we have put together a large network of agents and workers that can make your international trade experience better by supporting your activities seamlessly.

Here are some of the logistics services that we provide in Shanghai that can help make a difference:

Trade Shows: In addition to freight forwarding for products that you import or export, a great deal of business success can hinge upon getting your display materials and samples to the right people at the right time. So if you are planning on displaying your goods at a trade show in Shanghai, we are able to expedite and prioritize your materials so that your schedule is met, whatever your needs. Our operation size in Shanghai also allows us to offer end-to-end services that mean that your trade show equipment will travel door-to-door and back again without any of the questions that might arise on your end if you were combining services yourself.

Air Freight: Whether you are in need of immediate shipment because your product has a short shelf life or would like timely arrival that supersedes what you can achieve with ocean freight, we have extensive contacts and experience with all air freight carriers in Shanghai. Shipment can be arranged to move as fast as you want it to and we can help ensure that it is packed and shipped to your standards so that it arrives in the condition that your clients need it to be in.

Ocean Freight: As mentioned, Shanghai is one of the world’s busiest ports, which gives you a great opportunity to have more choice in how your product is shipped and greater control over your schedule. Because we already make a large volume of shipments from Shanghai on behalf of our clients on a monthly basis, we are ready to handle any containers or consolidation work that you might require.

Overall, Shanghai is a great place to do business. We think that you will find that allowing us to handle your shipping needs cost-effectively and efficiently can make your import-export shipping experience in Shanghai even better.Shippi

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Shanghai to anywhere or, anywhere to Shanghai.