Felixstowe, England is, perhaps, a little-known city to most who live outside of the U.K., but it is actually one of the biggest trade hubs on the Island of Britain. Its strategic location in Suffolk County, East Anglia, has made it a major site of military fortifications since Roman times, and its central location has also given it great commercial importance since the 19th Century.

In 1886, after the construction of a dock basin, Felixstowe was first opened as a major port. Soon, a pier and a railway station were added, and the town blossomed as a center of trade and tourism. Many thousands still visit Felixstowe today to see such sights as the Roman-era Walton Castle, Landguard Fort, the old Felixstowe pier, and the Seaside Gardens. The city’s main claim to  fame, however, is the presence of the nearby Port of Felixstowe, which is the largest port of its kind in the whole U.K.

The main channel of the port facility has been dredged to a depth of nearly 50 feet. This allows for the easy accommodation of the world’s most up-to-date, deep-draughted vessels. The quay runs uninterrupted for 1.5 miles and is lined with 25 gantry cranes that can quickly move goods from ship deck to shore. This massive port facility even has its own police, ambulatory, and fire services. From its well-positioned stance overlooking the North Sea, the Port of Felixstowe can handle incredible quantities of inbound and outbound shipping. The connections are particularly strong in northern Europe, but extend far beyond.

The city and the port are connected to London by highway A12 and to the Midland district by highway A14. A single-stack rail line runs up to Ipswich, carrying large and numerous containers. The Felixstowe Branch Line not only handles cargo freight, but it also offers passenger service. Two bus lines, First Eastern Counties and Ipswich Buses, also serve the area. Finally, the Harwich Harbour Ferry can take you from Felixstowe to Harwich and from Harwich to Holland.

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