By far the most strategically critical trade and freight shipment location in the Western Hemisphere, the nation of Panama contains numerous transportation infrastructure installments that facilitate massive amounts of trade between the continents just above and below it and between all points east and west across the world’s vast oceans. Most conspicuous among these is the Panama Canal, but there is also the Pan-American Highway, the Trans-Panama Pipeline, a handful of well-equipped ports, and two major airports in the capital to consider.

From its first discovery by the conquistadors and the subsequent operation of the silver and gold route known as the Camino Real (Royal Road), Panama has been a trade hub that has only grown in significance over the years. The canal’s first opening in 1914 brought a huge influx of commerce that no longer needed to circle South America to arrive at their destinations, and the re-opening of the canal after expansion work was completed in 2013 has also served to augment an already prosperous trade route.

The Camino Real was also known as the Camino de las Cruces (Way of the crosses) due to the abundance of victims buried in graves along its path. We thankfully can say we are past those perilous times, but we might make a comparison to financial peril involved in shipping freight and cargo through the canal, to and from Panama’s ports on both the Pacific and Caribbean, and in navigating the logistics of the Panamanian infrastructure system. By choosing the best shipping companies for each leg of the journey, mapping out the least costly and yet fully safe routes, and securing shipments with worthwhile shipping insurance, one can avoid being found in a “financial grave” along Panama’s shipping routes.

One challenge of shipping in Panama is the canal tolls and custom inspections. Since the canal was handed over from the U.S. to the control of the local government of Panama at the end of 1999, a new situation as to regulations and customs fees has been entered into. Another challenge is finding the best times to avoid delays from heavy traffic and the best vessel types to use in shipping various products. We have the experience to arrange for you optimal freight shipping plans that reduce cost and save your valuable time. We know the intricacies of shipping into and out of Panama. Contact us today to get started on obtaining maximum efficiency for your Panamanian freight and container transport.

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