In recent years, Europe has become China’s number one trading partner, and quicker access to that continent through the Suez Canal has become crucial. But this February 14th (2014) a new rail-line project has been announced, still in its planning stage, to connect Israel’s Red Sea port of Eilat with their Mediterranean port of Ashdod. It will cross 180 miles (300 km.) of mostly desert terrain and provide a safe route on the way between Asia and Europe in the event that unrest in Egypt ever cuts off the canal temporarily. It cannot, of course, move ships through the desert, but it could move the cargo that those ships were carrying and put it in warehouses to be unloaded into other ships on the other end of the tracks.

There are times when the Suez Canal is highly congested and it may even be cheaper for certain types of goods to use the new rail line once it is completed, and such a transport route would also be helpful to domestic Israeli shipping. Yet, efficient shipping in Israel is not all hinged upon the prospects of the new rail project- it will be only one more addition to the freight and trade transport system of the state of Israel. Tel Aviv was until the 1960’s the main entry port of Israel, but nowadays it is Ashdod. The main population and industrial centers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can be accessed by road or rail from Ashdod, and Ben Gurion International Airport has a number of cargo terminals to convenience air freight shippers.

Those wishing to ship goods to or from Israel may someday be able to utilize this now-approved rail project to save on expenses or to keep out of harm’s way, but at the present they will need to use the existing freight shipping infrastructure in Israel to its optimal capacity. We have agents stationed in Israel who are experts at fully using that system to minimize cost, maximize safety, and get the goods to their destination in a timely manner. We know how to navigate the customs regulations of Israel and to choose the most reliable shipping companies to get the job done for you. If you are interested in shipping cargo or valuables to or from Israel, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can get started on mapping out the most logistically sound route and plan to leave you a satisfied customer.

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