Doing business in Moscow can be daunting for a foreign company, but the shipping experts at Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. provide freight forwarding services that eliminate stress and concerns. The red tape and bureaucracy of the former Soviet capital are infamous, but our local agents have the experience, training and know how that are needed to get your goods from A to B on time. We rely on a large network of in-country shipping contractors to get your goods to and from Moscow. As one of the world’s largest nations, getting goods across Russia to this world-class city can be a difficult task, but we have the tools in place to ensure the successful delivery of your goods.

Getting freight into and out of Moscow is possible via air, ground, and water. The city has multiple airports with cargo processing centers, and this can be an advantage for companies who are looking to get their goods into Moscow in a hurry. Other companies may want to save even more money, and they will authorize OTSFF® / OTS® to ship their goods via ground from one of the major European ports or from St. Petersburg. The highway infrastructure into Moscow itself is very modern, although some of the infrastructure away from the city is in need of serious repair. When you turn to OTSFF® / OTS® for your shipping needs, you can be calm and confident since we continuously monitor the logistical network into and out of Moscow to ensure the successful shipment of your goods.

Our agents handle all of the customs’ issues, inspections and other issues that arise when your goods are coming into or out of Moscow. OTSFF® / OTS® has over 20 years of experience in global freight logistics, and we have the contacts that are necessary to keep your goods moving in Russia. OTSFF® / OTS® can provide you with a competitive quote to ship your products to and from Moscow that will utilize the optimal combination of air, ground and sea shipping. For full-service shipping alternatives, the top choice is OTSFF® / OTS®.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Moscow to anywhere or, anywhere to Moscow.