Spain is an attractive destination for foreign companies thanks to its geographic location and its well-educated work force. Lying on the western edge of the European continent, Spain is an attractive destination for goods that are bound for many points in Europe. Whether you plan on shipping your goods into port in Barcelona with follow-on land transit to Germany, France, or another locale, or keeping your product in Spain for further use, you should turn all of your logistics over to the expert team at Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. We offer full-service freight forwarding services to companies that make sense in today’s competitive global market. We are able to leverage our company’s power and experience to offer our clients with below-market costs.

In order to achieve the lowest price possible on shipping, OTSFF® / OTS® obtains multiple bids from contractors in Spain and beyond to handle the movement of your goods. Since we offer full-service solutions, there are multiple carriers involved in the shipment of your products from the time they leave your plant to the time they reach their final destination in Spain. Our large network of in-country agents are highly trained and they have the experience and creative thinking skills that are required to get your goods into and out of Spain. Whether you are looking to get a product to a partner in Madrid for some final touch labor or you are looking to export some of the world’s finest Spanish olives from an orchard in Valencia, you will be impressed with the level of professionalism shown by OTSFF® / OTS®.

Our agents are equipped to handle any issues that may arise during the shipment of your goods into our out of Spain. If there are hang ups in customs, we can handle the paperwork that is required to keep your goods moving. Once OTSFF® / OTS® agrees upon a date to have your goods at a specific location, we go out of our way to ensure that the product is there on time. Our door-to-door freight forwarding service is a top choice for businesses who operate in Spain.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Spain to anywhere or, anywhere to Spain.