Dusseldorf, Germany is the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the central city of the Rhine-Ruhr metro zone. The city is located at the convergence of the Düssel and Rhine Rivers and is the sixth largest city in Germany at 1.2 million. The whole metro zone has a grand total of over 11 million inhabitants and accounts for a major chunk of the Rhine River valley’s massive population levels.

Düsseldorf is a center of finance and business, hosts about a fifth of the world’s top trade fairs, is one of the main telecommunications (phone and internet) centers of Germany, headquarters over 100 insurance agencies, hosts one of Germany’s largest stock exchanges, and is the site at which many Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Crafter vehicles are manufactured. Düsseldorf has been a major hub of industry since the industrial revolution when its population doubled in only seven years (100,000 in 1882; 200,000 in 1892).

Düsseldorf International Airport is the third-largest airport in Germany, sees about 19 million passengers a year, and connects the city to 180 points around the globe via 70 different airlines. Düsseldorf is connected by rail to the immediate region through Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn rail lines, to the whole nation through Deutsche Bahn tracks, and has daily traffic of 1,000 trains.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has a denser road system than any other part of Germany, and Düsseldorf is right in the middle of that complicated tangle of roads. Highway 57 takes you to Cologne to the south, highway 52 to the Dutch border to the west, highway 46 to Wuppertal immediately to the east, and 59 goes north to Duisburg. But the whole intricate autobahn web of the region interconnects with the full Germany road system so that Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg, Frankfurt, etc. are all within reach.

Though Düsseldorf did not get a proper harbor until the 1800’s, whereas other Rhineland towns had good harbors back in the Middle Ages, today Düsseldorf has one of the largest river ports in all of Europe. Its position on the 180 km (110 mi) Lower Rhine, one of Europe’s busiest waterways, ensures it an important place in that continents trade network.

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