The infrastructure in Argentina is similar to that of the United States in terms of roads and air travel. Nonetheless, whether you are sending products out of the country or bringing them in, one of the first things that you will notice is that ocean-going traffic either flows through Buenos Aires in the East, or through Chile then Mendoza Argentina in the West.

Which means that as a shipper you have a decision to make. In terms of time, Buenos Aires is obviously better for Africa and Europe. For Asia and the West Coast of the United States, it can be a tossup because the border with Chile can sometimes get stacked up for a few days when there is any form of dispute between the countries. As ships from Buenos Aires utilize the Panama Canal, the lead time for your shipment to arrive on the West Coast of the United States is actually competitive between the two locations.

One key for you to be successful is to work with us to get a full quotation so that you can minimize both the time it takes and the expenditure. OTSFF®/ OTS® can help you to minimize inland freight costs.

Another consideration that we have been able to provide help for customers with is in building a team of agents and workers that are able to provide very reliable transport to your destination. In Argentina portions of shipments are sometimes pilfered- and so when you consolidate and send less than a container load, it is important to ensure you have a reliable carrier so that all of your shipment reaches its destination.

If you are importing, we can help ensure that your documentation and your reputation arrive intact so that your shipment reaches its destination as soon as possible. Argentina is no different from any other country for imports, but they have managed to stop drug traffickers for the most part in their country- and so if these are some of your first shipments, they will show an interest in knowing what you are about until they know your company.

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