Liverpool, England is a city just north of Wales on Irish Sea and on the east side of the Mersey River. It has a population of 466,000 and a metropolitan area of 2.2 million, making it one of a handful of the biggest population concentrations in England. Its growth historically has been tied to its port facilities, and as an international shipping point, it has taken on a cosmopolitan character with Chinese, African, and Irish communities being well established.

Liverpool’s GVA (production minus immediate consumption) is one of the biggest in the U.K. at £7.6 billion ($12.3 billion) and £17,500 ($28,200) per capita. In the 90’s, after long decline, Liverpool experienced a boost in GVA and drop in unemployment. Between the late 90’s and 2006, she saw a 70 percent increase in GVA and a 12 percent increase in employment levels. Some of the main industries in Liverpool include: automobile manufacturing (Jaguars and Land Rovers), banking, education, insurance, health care, and tourism. Liverpool is one of the 100 most-toured cities in the world, and its new cruise line terminal near Pier Head allows passengers the rare luxury of berthing directly in the middle of town.

Liverpool’s port, besides being a cruise port, is also a major ferry connection with Dublin, Belfast, and the Isle of Man. Further, it is one of the busiest sea freight ports in the U.K., handling 32 million tons of cargo and being headquarters to such shipping companies as NYK (a Japanese company) and Maersk (a Danish firm). John Lennon Airport just south of Liverpool serves the city with connections to 68 locations in the U.K. and greater Europe. It handles about five million passengers annually.

Major highways link Liverpool to all of Britain. M62 takes you east to Hull, passing through Manchester and Leeds along the way, and ultimately joins M6 and M1 so as to open up the path to Birmingham, London, and the whole island. Two tunnels (Kingsway and Queensway) head west to Birkenhead, and A562 takes one south to Widnes and Warrington. Local rail lines run by Merseyrail interconnect the immediate area, and national lines run by Network Rail link that area with all of Britain.

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