Because Mexico is a border country, some merchants and shippers presume that sending cargo to this country should be simple. It is true that shipping to Mexico and Canada is easier than to other countries, because there is no need to lift shipping containers from a truck to another format such as rail or barge. It is also easier because NAFTA makes it easier for American companies to do business.

A great deal of planning and paperwork is still involved in shipping to Mexico. Trade with other NAFTA members still counts as import and export, and this means dealing with customs officials and border stops. Freight carriers must be prepared to deal with cross-border trade issues, and finding independents who will do this is even trickier business.

The next big problem is sheer distance. Most freight into Mexico arrives by truck and rail, and only nonperishable items from the East Coast arrive by sea. Truck drivers have limitations, since they must stop every few hundred miles and rest. Shipping to southern Mexico from any northern American state will exceed the 1000 mile mark and require a driver that speaks Spanish and understands Mexican law.

A smarter option is to work with a freight forwarding company such as OTSFF® / OTS®. Logistics handlers can arrange for a variety of handlers along the way. American drivers do not have to go any further than just cross the border, where amenities are friendly to US travelers. Partners native to Mexico take the shipping the rest of the way. Because they speak the language and are following the laws of their own company, they can do this work cheaper and more efficiently.

Being able to organize drivers in different countries is not a task that most shipping companies are able to handle. American freight countries are anchored in the United States and do not own infrastructure in Mexico. Freight forwarding with OTSFF® / OTS® is better, because we know people everywhere who are fast and trustworthy.

OTSFF is a leading expert in global freight logistics, and organizes shipping routes throughout the world. Manufacturers trust OTSFF® / OTS®, and it is has delivered on all matters related to customs clearance and international air freight forwarding. If there is a shipping method, OTSFF® / OTS® gets it done.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Mexico to anywhere or, anywhere to Mexico.