Almería is a city of about 200,000 that lies on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It is among the most famous and commercially important port cities in the Spanish region of Andalusia. The city’s name hails from an Arabic word meaning “watchtower,” and it was so named for the castle Alcazaba de Almería, which was build there to guard the borders of Moorish Spain.

A mulberry-based silk industry once thrived in the hot, dry climate of Medieval Almería, adding to the value of this commercial port. After the Spanish re-conquest, there followed a period of decline and confusion, but the 18th Century brought renewed importance to Almería when gigantic iron mines were discovered in its vicinity. The latter half of the 20th Century saw huge economic expansion, mostly in agriculture and tourism. Year-round crop production in plastic greenhouses led to huge surpluses of vegetables and fruits, 70 percent of which were exported. Tourists flocked to Almería to see the old Moorish castle, the beautiful beaches of the Cabo de Gata nature park, and many other attractions.

The main land connections of the city are A-7 Mediterranean Highway, which connects it to the northern Mediterranean coast of Spain and Spanish highway A-92, which in turn unites it with the rest of Andalusia and Spain. The Almería Airport provides air connections with cities scattered throughout Spain, western Europe, and central Europe. The Port of Almería, located in the city center, is largely a ferry port at present. Ferry boats are seen constantly arriving from or departing to Melilla, Morocco, and Algeria. A marina is also present to service small pleasure boats, while cruise liners collect passengers for Mediterranean excursions and the Spanish Royal Navy patrols the area.

Despite the ferry-boat dominance, the port also is regularly used by several major carriers who ship to/from north Africa. There are cargo-ship connections to Oran, Algeria; Nador, Morocco; and the Spanish-controlled city of Melilla on the Moroccan coast. Furthermore, the Port of Almería is currently being expanded. New docks are being built that will allow it to become a major international container port with high-volume freight traffic.

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