Countries in Africa are proving to be the next places to be. These countries offer enormous potential for you as a potential investor. These countries have invested huge capital into their infrastructure. Those that don’t have the infrastructure in place are in the process of developing them. Advanced security issues have made shipping to and from these countries efficient.

Many countries in Africa have ports and airports. Landlocked countries in this continent depend on the neighboring countries to get cargo to the drop-off points or out to the collection points. For instance, you can get your products to Uganda via the Port of Mombasa. Therefore, your goods will still get to the intended destination. Each country in Africa has regulations that govern the entry and exit of goods. You also have to pay for duty, tax and excise for the shipment to enter or leave the country. This is why you need a professional to handle your project.

The road network in Africa might be undeveloped in certain places. This might result in delays in shipping. However, we understand the alternative routes to get your shipment to the destination on time and safely.

Customs Clearance Services

We help get your goods across the border smoothly and seamlessly. We prepare and submit documents relating to your shipment in advance to make sure you are in time with your shipments. We help calculate your taxes, excise, and duties. We also facilitate communication between you, your customers, and the relevant government authority.

Road, Sea, and Air Freight

Africa’s infrastructure has developed extensively over the past decade. We would like you to take care of this network so that you can expand your business. We have our offices located strategically along airports, major ports, roads and other transport hubs. This enables us to link you up with the most efficient modes of transport to deliver your goods to the required destination.

At these hubs, we have access to experts who have an in-depth understanding of the local African market. This strategic partnership with core carriers means that we can offer efficient transport solutions.

About Us

We are an international freight forwarding company that has been in operation for 20 years. We boast the fact that we offer direct services without the use of intermediaries. The team of experts we use is competent, which means your shipment will arrive intact and on time.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Africa to anywhere or, anywhere to Africa.