Halifax is the capital of the Canadian province of Novia Scotia and a major Atlantic port city of 390,000 (in 2011). It has steadily grown into a center of commerce since its founding in 1749 by Edward Cornwallis. This was not the Cornwallis that George Washington defeated, but a military hero of multiple European wars who became the first Governor of Nova Scotia. Halifax was ranked in 2012 by MoneySense Magazine as the number four spot to live in all of Canada and was placed by fDi Magazine as the best large city for quality of life in all of the Western Hemisphere. The combination of standard of living and the scenic beauty along its coasts has earned it these distinctions and kept the tourist industry going at full speed.

Halifax is a main center of commerce and economic activity in eastern and maritime Canada and hosts a large number of government and private institutions. Some of these include: the Department of National Defence, the Port of Halifax, the Halifax Shipyard and Dalhousie University. Some of the main industries operative in or near Halifax are: mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture. The mining industry extracts natural gas on nearby Sable Island, gypsum in the rural areas around the town, limestone, clay, shale, and gold.

Halifax Harbour is the main port and is used heavily by commercial shippers as well as by the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Navy. Sheet Harbour is a secondary port in town that is commonly utilized by those shipping industrial products to the eastern shoreline of Nova Scotia. The city is well-connected internally by a series of bridges and highways. 101 and 103 are major roads that circle the southern end of the Halifax Peninsula, joining at Yarmouth, and 102 joins the national road system (Canada 104) at Truro to the north. The Canadian National Railway runs through Montreal, then Moncton, and all the way to Halifax at its easternmost terminal, connecting Halifax to all of Canada by rail. The city and region is served by Halifax Stanfield International Airport and also contains Shearwater maritime helicopter base on the east side of the harbour.

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