Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. specializes in multi-national transportation tracking systems. We direct cargo to and from Costa Rica, and we have 20 years of experience working with air, ocean, road and rail authorities.

Our logistics team coordinates cost-effective air, road and ocean routes that keep all goods intact. At the same time, all cargo arrives to each destination in a timely manner while providing customers service flexibility. For example, a supplier might have an order of material that needs to be scheduled for delivery to Costa Rica by a certain date. In this case, we contact one or more of over 500 service providers and calculate all related shipment costs before cargo is delivered.

OTSFF® / OTS® also handles international legalities to ensure smooth passage across all borders. For instance, we study all shipping regulations pertaining to transport to and from Costa Rica. We also handle customs clearance, brokerage and audit procedures regardless of cargo delivery destination. In the process, we review all existing certifications.

Furthermore, we keep up with new laws and requirements before planning our clients’ freight routes. This includes verifying which containers are acceptable and making plans according to 20ft, 40ft or break bulk delivery methods. In addition, we make sure distributors have access to all accessories such as straps, blankets and decks. If a client needs temperature-controlled transportation, we link the company to the best options for that as well.

We have an extended network in every region across the globe – the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Africa. Additionally, our freight forwarding team reaches out to nearly all major USA locations. The connections we have result in easier directing of cargo to anywhere in the world. We know how to arrange deliveries, and we know who we can trust to help our clients send and receive materials, supplies and merchandise.

When applying the latest technology during the logistics coordination phases, we consider current commercial needs. Then, we create a strategy that prepares companies for the future. In doing so, we provide a way for all producers to keep up with marketing demands. In turn, stores and customers receive merchandise they need for their daily lives.

Ocean Transportation Services Freight Forwarding Inc. monitors customer deliveries 24 hours a day seven days a week. We dedicate ourselves to providing personalized service as we offer clients a plan that works best for their business. Every company who transports goods across international lines receives superior service from us.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Costa Rica to anywhere or, anywhere to Costa Rica.