Stuttgart is the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg and the sixth most populous city in Germany at 600 068. It is the center of a metro zone of 5.3 million and is surrounded by a ring of smaller towns. The city is known as the “Swabian Metropolis” due to its position in central Swabia, yet 40 percent of the population consists of immigrants from other states of nations.

Stuttgart lies in the midst of hills and vineyards and has long been a center of wine and beer production. It is also the place where the automobile and the motorcycle were invented by Karl Benz, giving it the title “The Cradle of Automobile.” Still today, it is a major auto manufacturing center, Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche setting up camp within its borders. Stuttgart is also a hub of the high-tech industry, electronics manufacturers, and universities and scientific research groups (e.g. the University of Stuttgart and the German Aerospace Centre). It contains over 100 credit institutions, hosts the second-biggest German stock exchange, and has the highest standard of living in all Germany. Its GDP per capita is €57,100 ($72,200), and GDP total is €33.9 billion ($42.9).

Stuttgart is well-connected by autobahns and expressways. A8 runs through town east to west and connects the city with Munich and Karlsruhe, while A81 travels north to south to link Stuttgart to Singen and Würzburg. The expressways are generally as good roads as the autobahns and tunnel through the hilly countryside in integrating Stuttgart internally and to the nearby suburban areas. Rail freight is handled in Stuttgart’s marshalling yards, and the city also has its own container terminal. Subways run under much of the city, and rail runs to the surrounding suburbs as well. The Deutsche Bahn railroad network connects the town to Strasbourg, Zurich, Vienna, and as far as Paris.

Stuttgart has its own port on the Neckar River, a tributary of the Rhine, that flows through its midst. A system of locks cuts off river traffic 200 km (120 mi) up the Neckar- just a little past Stuttgart, making it the last major city on the route. The airport is 13 km (8 mi) south of the downtown area and is connected to Stuttgart proper by S-Bahn rail lines S2 and S3.

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