The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupies the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula and is the largest Arab state outside of Algeria with a total of 2.2 million sq km (830,000 sq mi). Their most populous cities are: Riyadh (the capital, 5.3 million), Jeddah (3.5 million), Mecca (1.7 million), Medina (1.2 million), and Al-Ahsa (1.1 million). Saudi Arabia is the only country that has both a Persian Gulf and Red Sea coast.

Before the rise of the modern Saudi regime in the early 1900’s, the land now part of Saudi Arabia was divided into four main regions: Al-Hejaz along the Red Sea, Najd in the central area with Riyadh, Al-Ahsa along the Persian Gulf, and Asir in the southwestern corner next to Yemen. The unification through conquest culminated in 1932.

Since then, Saudi Arabia has become the number one oil producing and exporting nation on earth, controlling the second-greatest quantity of hydrocarbons (oil, oil shale, natural gas, etc.). This oil wealth has propelled the nation into G-20 membership (the only Arab state in that economic category). Its economy has, however, become heavily dependent on oil, oil accounting for 45 percent of the GNP, 90 percent of export income, and three-quarters of the national budget. Four-fifths of the oil work force consists of foreign migrants, and many of the companies are foreign-owned.

Saudi Arabia has plans, however, to correct this oil and foreign dependence problem by building six “economic cities” in various parts of the realm which would seek to bring diversity to the economy and generate jobs for local Saudis. Also, besides oil, Saudi Arabia also has a gold mining industry in Mahd adh Dhahab.

There are numerous sea ports in Saudi Arabia, on both shores. Dammam and Al Jubail are among the biggest ports on the gulf, and Jeddah, Yanbu, and Jazan are among the main ports on the Red Sea. Sea freight transport largely serves the oil industry, and land transport was mostly built on the profits of the oil industry. There are over 220,000 km (130,000 mi) of roads in Saudi Arabia, over 200 airports, 9 heliports, and two main rail lines which both connect Riyadh to Dammam.

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