Jamaica, like many Caribbean nations, does not yet have in place the full infrastructure capabilities present in many more developed countries, but its prime location on north-south and east-west trade routes connecting North America with South America and Europe and the eastern U.S. with the California and the Asia have nonetheless thrust upon it a substantial and constantly enlarging slice of the global freight traffic pie. New and exciting improvements in Jamaica’s logistic capabilities for container and other shipping methods both by sea and by air are even now being implemented at Kingston Harbor’s port facilities and bode well for the future. While it is estimated that the full effect of these upgrades will await 2030 to see the light of day, yet we can expect incremental progress along the way that will gradually alleviate the extra expenses and unnecessary time loss that accompany less than ideal infrastructure.

Jamaica’s new dry dock will be located at Jackson Bay, its new bunker facility will be found at Cow Bay, and Kingston Harbor will be significantly enlarged. The two airports on the island are already well-linked to ports via an extensive and efficient road system, and thus the upgrading of the seaports will complete the equation and render those shipping freight to, from, or through Jamaica better able to obtain optimal efficiency. The Ports Authority runs Jamaica’s three major ports, including the sizable Kingston Container Terminal and the smaller cruise/cargo ports at Ocho Rios and Montego Bay and is presently developing warehouses and other logistics-improving structures along with a no-tax zone to encourage business.

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