When you are dealing with something as complicated as freight forwarding to and from Thailand, you need someone you can trust. OTSFF®/ OTS® is an expert in logistics and has the experience, as well as the resources, to take care of all of your international import-export needs. Whether you have cargo on the way to the Gulf of Thailand or need to send a shipment out of Bangkok by air, OTSFF®/ OTS® is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, with twenty years of service in the industry. Our team of contractors and freight specialists are problem solvers. They will seek out every alternative in order to find the best possible solution to transport your freight. Logistics representatives at OTSFF®/ OTS® consider reliability, speed of transportation, and cost in order to calculate the best possible rate for every customer.

Let OTSFF®/ OTS® Take Care of All of the Details

Think of OTSFF®/ OTS® as the middle man. Company representatives are not actually involved in physically moving your freight. Whether you are sending out a large shipment of rice, electronics, or cars, OTSFF®/ OTS® can take care of all of your exports going out of Thailand, handling any imports as well. Rather, they take care of all of the arrangements, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and gets where it needs to go. With a strong network of agents positioned in global locations, OTSFF®/ OTS® is well-equipped to take care of all of your goods coming into or going out of Thailand. You do not have to worry about a thing. Let OTSFF®/ OTS® take care of all the details.

Have True Peace of Mind

Thanks to OTSFF®/ OTS®, you can rest assured that all of your important items will reach the specified destination in a timely manner. Whether you need your goods to travel via road, ocean, or air modes of transportation, Global Logistics professionals at OTSFF®/ OTS® know how to make all of the necessary arrangements. Your cargo is going to be safe, thanks to a strict adherence to policies and procedures. At OTSFF®/ OTS®, we pride ourselves in delivering excellence in service. We use only the most advanced technology when it comes to our modern electronic system, enabling our team to closely monitor all of your cargo at nearly every stage of transportation as it makes its way to Vietnam, China, Europe, and beyond. When you are sending off that next shipment from Thailand, or important inventory and goods is on its way, opt for the company that has a first rate reputation.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Thailand to anywhere or, anywhere to Thailand.