Situated on the south tip of the Malay Peninsula and consisting of the main island, Pulau Ujong (Singapore Island) and over 60 smaller surrounding islands, the state of Singapore is one of the world’s five busiest port-cities and one of the four “Asian (Economic) Tigers,” Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea being the other three. Since its development in the 1800’s by the British colonialists into an East India Company trading post specializing in rubber production and exportation, Singapore has maintained and extended its clout in the realm of global commerce.

Today, Singapore enjoys a per capita yearly income that is the 3rd best on the planet and was ranked in 2013 as the 2nd freest nation economically in the world. Singapore has a highly diversified economy, and a quarter of its GDP is derived from international trade- it has the best ratio of trade to GDP of any nation at over 400 percent.

The manufacturing of electronics, chemicals, medical equipment, oil rigs and many other products is routine in Singapore. The nation also is a world leader in oil refining and ship repair, and produces 10 percent of all micro-electronic wafers (on which computer chips are built).

Not only its location, highly skilled labor, and low taxation, but also its superior transportation infrastructure has made Singapore the commerce giant that it is. In fact, Singapore has been ranked among the world’s most superior trade hubs in terms of logistics. The Port of Singapore is one of the largest in existence and was the 2nd busiest in 2005, handling over a billion gross tonnage, much of it being container freight. The port is the absolute busiest in terms of trans-shipment and in regard to ship re-fueling.

There are also over 3,300 km (2,000 mi) of road on this small island nation, and Singapore’s Changi Airport connects the city to 68 nations, 200 other cities, and is used by 80 airline companies. In particular, it is a stopping point along the famous “Kangaroo Route” from Sydney to London, but it serves as a connecting point for much of Asia’s air travel.

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