Over the past three decades, Vancouver has been transformed from a strong trading city to one of the pre-eminent ports on the Pacific.

A lot of the impetus behind the upgrade has come through expanded trade with Asia and the South Pacific.

For firms that plan to do business in Canada or the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Vancouver currently makes an excellent choice as a place to import or export from.

At OTSFF® / OTS®, we are very familiar with Vancouver’s sophisticated port infrastructure, and can leverage our experience to provide enhanced freight forwarding and logistic services for you.

What to look for in a Logistics partner in Vancouver:

For most companies that are involved in international business, at a base level, they want their products to ship on time, arrive on time, and have a minimum number of hassles as they go through the process.

The one thing that potential shippers often find is that there isn’t that much of a substitute for experience in this regard. There are the requirements that they need to meet to ship- but after that, scheduling and planning efficiently is something that we, with over 20 years experience in the business and a host of workers and agents in Vancouver, can bring to bear in a fashion that outstrips any competitive service.

Understanding and being able to avoid nuances in the shipping process on behalf of their clients is a good example of this. One company that shipped through the Blaine U.S. border crossing near Vancouver did not end up having the right licensing to import their products. They had several small packages that they were consolidating for their clients full of toys. It turns out that regardless of how they ended up handling the licensing, they should have been sending larger batches in one shipment and then storing the remainder of the products that were not being shipped in Canada until they were needed. That is the type of advice or help for your business that we focus on every day: understanding your requirements clearly in advance and applying the knowledge that we have accumulated to help you avoid potential snags.

Having enough support in a city like Vancouver is another thing that savvy shippers often pick up on when shipping to and from a destination. Periodically, on the ocean freight side, the ports in Vancouver experience a backlog in being able to transfer inbound containers to the rail effectively due to limitations in the number of rail lines that are available. The last time that it happened, it supposedly caused Canadian companies almost 100 million dollars. The answer can be as straightforward as working with our consultants to help provide you with the information you need to come up with a solid contingency plan.

So if you are planning to ship to or from Vancouver, we welcome you to take a look at the services that we provide as a partner.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Vancouver to anywhere or, anywhere to Vancouver.