India’s import and export market has trebled between 2006 and 2012, with the major destination for exports being Asia, taking up more than 40 percent of the total exports. The major import source is China, followed closely by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. You can also take advantage of these markets as a trader in India by working with an international freight forwarder.

Import and Export market in India

The most popular import items to India include electronics and cars. Exports on the other hand include clothing, furniture, gold jewellery, and motorcycles. However, you have to pay tax on these items. For instance, you have to pay import duty and taxes that are calculated on the complete shipping value. Other charges include landing charges, countervailing duty, and CESS.

India’s Infrastructure

The infrastructure in India is quite developed, contributing largely to the import and export business. It includes roadways transport, railways, shoreline shipping, and air transport. We use this network to deliver items to your doorstep. The Indian shoreline is very extensive, handling 90 percent of the business activities on the sea. Goods are shipped in and out via harbors such as Mumbai, Kandla, Marmagao, Kandla and Chennai. Air freight is mainly handled by Air India via airports at Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.

The Services OTSFF®/ OTS® Provide

We help expand your international reach by providing the following services in India:

We tailor these services depending on various factors. These include:

You should not worry about the product that needs to be transported, this is because we have created networks with air, road and ocean transport providers. We therefore make sure we deliver your products on time and in one piece.

What Drives Us?

We provide comprehensive, flexible, and reliable freight forwarding services in India because we understand the importance of goods to your business. We know that as long as the products arrive on time, your business will run smoothly.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from India to anywhere or, anywhere to India.