Shipping in and out of the United States presents an obvious problem; the oceans to the east and west. The Atlantic and the Pacific present miles and miles of watery barrier. That’s not to mention that the country itself is huge. Just getting your product from one side of it to the other can be a major challenge. Once your product reaches the northern or southern borders, there are still thousands of miles of continent to traverse.

So how to tackle this monumental obstacle?

That’s where freight forwarding comes in. Freight forwarding is a service for international importing and exporting that utilizes a wide-range of transportation means to get your product from where it is to where it should be. By cultivating relationships with different air, ocean, rail and road transportation companies,OTSFF® / OTS® will be able to find you the best deal on shipping.

In additon to our contacts at nearly every major port in the United States, OTSFF® / OTS® has a network of agents located throughout the Middle East, Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa.

You don’t need a logistical expert. You need someone who knows all the logistical experts, which is exactly what a freight forwarding company is. Rather than shipping themselves, freight forwarding companies collaborate with carriers and legalities to get items in or out of the United States and across those vast, intimidating oceans.

OTSFF® / OTS® will also negotiate the cheapest route for your goods to travel. A freight forwarding company will consider many bids, and pick the best in terms of cost, speed and reliability. That means we’ll know whether it’s cheaper for you to ship out of Boston or Miami, through Lake Michigan or down the Mississippi.

Instead of worrying about trying to juggle a handful of international phone calls to people you’ve never met, trust the experts at OTSFF® / OTS®. 

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from United States to anywhere or, anywhere to United States.