The recent expansion of the Panama canal which reopened after project completion in 2013, has opened up new doors of opportunity in the Caribbean zone transshipment industry. Talk is abuzz about the vast potential for port improvement and rate reductions at the major shipping points on the island-nations of the Caribbean. Being stationed strategically at the crossroads between Asia and the U.S. far west and Europe and the U.S. east coast, as well as between North and South America, the Caribbean is a major hub of world ocean freight trans-shipments. As merely 17 percent of global commercial interactions involve direct shipment, 60 percent of all trade value is indirect, and 98 percent of inter-continental container trade is trans-shipped, the Caribbean’s central position in the trans-shipment equation makes it an essential piece in the puzzle of global trade networks.

The huge tourist industry in the Caribbean area, its political and cultural connections with European nations, and the numerous languages, cultures, systems of law, currencies, etc. among the 30 nations and dependencies that make up the Caribbean community all combine to render this area of the world an extremely complicated place to do business. Whether you are planning to ship goods between, say, Miami and Guadeloupe or from San Francisco through the Panama Canal all the way to London, the logistics involved can be complicated and ever-changing. We have the expertise to render your freight shipping activities in the Caribbean less costly, less time-consuming, and far less stressful. We know how to find the best routes and ports in any Caribbean container transfer or other shipment and to secure the best overall bid for every client.

Though things are beginning to change, the Caribbean has been plagued up till now with relatively high freight shipping costs, some 30 percent higher than the global average. This only makes it the more crucial to find the most economical and safe route, to understand the multitude of local customs rules and fees, and to know the steps necessary to expedite the movement of goods in this region. We have gained the experience to be able to successfully arrange freight transport in the Caribbean form start to finish for the lowest cost and lowest risk. Contact us and tell us your specific needs, and we will be happy to assist you in getting your goods moved in the most efficient manner possible.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Caribbean to anywhere or, anywhere to Caribbean.