The Yellow River’s ancient delta zone, the sandy soils on which the port city of Tianjin rests were deposited there over a long period of time and by the confluence of numerous streams. Tianjin’s critical strategic location on Bohai Gulf serves to connect the city of Beijing to the sea, and this role has lent it great importance historically and to the present day.

In 2010, 285 of Global Fortune 500 companies had operations in Tianjin. Its GDP in 2011 had increased by 16 percent since 2010, and this was not an atypical year. In fact, even in the 2008 recession, Tianjin pressed forward with 16.5 percent economic growth. It has become a hub of industry, finances, and trade. Tianjin has the highest per capita GDP in all of China ($13,400), ahead of even Shanghai ($12,800) and Beijing ($12,500), and its growth rate is twice China’s average. Manufacturing makes up 55 percent of Tianjin’s GDP, with major industries being automotive, mechanical, Airbus aircraft production (since 2009), and metal-working.

New infrastructure projects promise to expand the present metro system and improve yet further the quality of roads and rails that link the city to Beijing, but the city is already well-served. It has numerous rail stations scattered around town, the main one being Tianjin Railway Station (East Station), and it is connected by rail to Beijing, Nanjing, Hebei, and elsewhere. There is a thorough road system internal to Tianjin and a system of three ring roads surrounding it, the outer ring being the most advanced as a high-speed highway. Seven Chinese expressways connect to Tianjin, linking it with Beijing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Macau, Shenyang, and other important cities.

Tianjin Port is the biggest artificially deep water port in China, and its capacity is the fifth-largest in the world. Its users enjoy special tax breaks due to its being in the Binhai Economic Zone. Tianjin Binhai International Airport serves Tianjin, though it is 13 km (8 mi) from the city center. It connects Tianjin with 48 other cities, 17 of them being in foreign lands. The airport also is designated as a special economic zone, and at present the construction of the largest air freight facility in all north China.

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