Calgary, Alberta is Canada’s third-largest city at 1.1 million and is at the southern end of the populous and rapidly growing Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. The city sits on the juncture of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in southern Alberta and in the midst of prairies and hills only 80 km (50 mi) to the east of the Rocky Mountains.

Calgary has a booming economy and a high GDP per capita along with low unemployment rates as compared to the rest of Canada. Much of this stems from the discovery of oil and natural gas deposits in the vicinity beginning in 1902, though the 1947 discovery of the Leduc oil reserve was the first catalyst of Calgary’s modern economic growth spurt.

87 percent of Canadian oil and gas companies and two-thirds of Canadian coal companies have a presence in Calgary. The city also has major developments in the following additional industries: chemicals, finances, television, logistics, aerospace technology, tourism. Calgary has the second-highest number of headquarters of Canada’s 800 biggest companies and is a center of business activities in western Canada.

Calgary is well-connected to the rest of Canada by virtue of its position on the Trans-Canada Highway (Canada 1), which is the main east-west route in the country. It is also connected by Canada 2 to Edmonton in the north and to the U.S. in the south. A gridded road-pattern was used in town until 1904 when radiating roads began to be built, and since the 1960’s, numerous bridges have been constructed which now intricately connect the downtown area. Calgary also lies on the route of Canada’s most major rail line, Canadian Pacific Railway, making it a hub of rail freight traffic.

Calgary International Airport serves all western and central Canada and is the third-busiest in the nation. It has numerous non-stop flights that cover not only North America but also central America, Europe, and Asia. Calgary-Springbank Airport serves as a “backup and relief” airport for Calgary International and is itself the 11th biggest airport in Canada.

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