38,257 km of roads and highways, extensive railways, well-developed ports and airports all give you a reason to enter into international trade in Cambodia. Your goods will arrive via air or sea freight and get to you via roads anywhere in Cambodia.

After you contact OTSFF®/ OTS, we analyze the possibilities of transporting your products to the required destination. We consider several factors that include:

What does this tell you?

Well, you are sure the transport solution you receive from us fits your freight requirements in the best possible way.

Handling Special Products

Each product is not the same. The way we handle machinery is not the same way we handle perishable goods that need refrigeration or special transport. We understand various ways to get these products to the destination in the best way possible. We have a carrier for all your transport needs.

What Makes Us Able to Serve You Efficiently?

We are an international freight forwarding company that offers all-in one services. This means that we handle your shipment right from the source until the destination. This makes it easy since you only have to deal with us, no one else.

We have handled freight and customs clearance for 20 years now. We have successfully handled air, ocean freight and truck transport all over the world. We only use the world’s best tracking systems to determine the progress of your shipment.

Finally, we have a large network of contractors and customs clearance experts. Our agents are strategically located locally and all over the world to facilitate transportation of your products to the destination quickly and safely.

For comprehensive logistics solutions that fit your needs from Cambodia to anywhere or, anywhere to Cambodia.