The Republic of Austria is a landlocked central-European nation of 8.5 million that lies entirely within the Alps mountain range. A majority of the locals speak Bavarian dialects, though standard German is the official language. Vienna is the capital and the most populous city (1.7 million), though there are other major towns, such as Salzburg and Graz. In 1995, Austria joined the EU, and in 1999, she abandoned her currency in favor of the new Euro.

Austria’s GDP per capita is $46,000, making it the twelfth wealthiest nation on earth. Most of the nation’s major industrial corporations had formerly been under state control, but in the 80’s, they were largely privatized. In times past, Germany had always ranked first in foreign trading partners, but since joining the EU, Austria has expanded its commerce to a more Europe-wide posture and has attracted large numbers of foreign investors. After communism fell in the nations just to the east of Austria, Austrian firms took major part in mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations of eastern European companies, and this has enhanced the prestige of Austrian businesses in the region. The major industries in Austria are: steel, chemicals, electronics, and tourism, which Austria ranks ninth in worldwide.

Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, and all the major cities of Austria are linked by a 6,100 km (3,500 mi) networks of roads. Cities in the surrounding nations such as Munich, Zurich, Budapest, Bratislava (in Slovakia), and Prague are also linked to Austria by international highways. Austria’s towns are also well-connected to each other and the encompassing states by 6,100 km (3,500 mi) of railroad, and Austria even administers the rail system of the neighboring tiny state of Liechtenstein. The most important rail line runs from Budapest, through Vienna and Salzburg, and across the German border to Munich.

Austria has no coast, but it does have four Danube River ports: Enns, Krems, Linz, and Vienna. The Rhine-Main-Danube Canal allows far off Vienna to ship goods to and from the sea at the Dutch port of Rotterdam. There are 55 airports in the land of Austria, the busiest of them being in (in descending order): Vienna (22 million passengers), Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz.

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